Waterproof Crate Dog Bed
Waterproof Washable Crate Dog Bed
Waterproof Washable Dog Bed

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Waterproof Dog Beds

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A must-have for crates, kennels and car boots our new waterproof dog beds are robust and especially popular with working dog owners across the country.

Made from orthopaedic foam & memory foam combination the waterproof beds help active dogs to rest & recover, support & insulate joints from cold floors.

SIZES: Available in 4 standard sizes, and please contact us for a made-to-measure bed; different thicknesses available, unusual shapes are a speciality! *Please note the Large will fit the boot of most estate & 4WD cars*

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The beds have a fixed cover and can easily be hosed/wiped down to clean, and left to dry naturally.