Pick & Mix Natural Dog Chews
Pick & Mix Natural Dog Chews
Pick & Mix Natural Dog Chews

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Pick & Mix Natural Dog Chews

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Pick & Mix for your dog!

These delicious healthy treats are air dried to lock in the natural goodness and flavour, are easily digestible and great for dental hygiene. They can help with boredom too as chewing stimulates your dog and helps to reduce anxiety.

Tougher Chews:

Jumbo Beef Tails approx 70g each

12cm long, extra thick Bull's Pizzle sticks

Venison Tendon 23 - 39g Venison Achilles Tendon

Venison Ear

Cow Ear XL

Beef Trachea (approx 2 per 100g)

Buffalo Skin


Softer chews:

Braided Ostrich Tendon, very low fat

Lambs Ear 

5"Tripe Bone (Beef)

Fish Fingers, white fish jerky fingers approx 9cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm

Puffed Duck Feet

All of JR’s products are 100% natural, pure meat & fish and are sourced responsibly. Please supervise your dog at all times & ensure fresh drinking water is available.