Grey Stars Doggy Den Bed
Grey Stars Doggy Den Bed
Grey Stars Doggy Den Bed
Grey Stars Doggy Den Bed

Designed for Dogs

Grey Stars Doggy Den Bed

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The Doggy Den Bed is perfect for burrowing breeds and dogs who like to snuggle under a duvet. Also known as Terrier Burrows, Snuggle Beds and Cave Beds this bed is also great for anxious or nervous dogs as it can help to provide a safe place for your dog to relax in.

Featuring our sumptuous pillow cushion wrapped in a gorgeous fabric cover and a soft fleece to the inside. The top cover is gently curved which looks stylish and is designed to allow room for your dog to lay their head on the edge of the bed while the rest of their body is under cover.

The covers are easy to remove and machine washable. The bed is deep filled with luxurious and ever-so-comfortable memory & orthopaedic foam crumb.

Dog Bed Sizes: We have 4 standard sizes to choose from, please see the Size Guide in photos or contact us and we will be happy to advise you (or contact us for made-to-measure enquiries).

Other Options for no additional charge:
- a Velcro closure (Zip is standard)
- A waterproof base (matching base is standard). 

Made to Order The Doggy Den Beds are made to order and will be ready for posting up to 1 week from order.

Designed for Dogs are an original independent brand offering elegantly styled yet practical items for your faithful friend. Made in England, now & always.