Red Highland Tartan Washable Memory Foam Dog Bed
Pistachio Highland Tartan Washable Memory Foam Dog Bed
Pistachio Highland Tartan Washable Memory Foam Dog Bed
Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

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Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

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At Designed for Dogs we specialise in creating luxurious and beautiful beds for your beloved dog. Part of our luxury Collections, this bed is offered in a range of sizes and cover options.

Orthopaedic memory foam beds are made from a combination of premium memory foam and an underlying supportive foam base to provide optimum support for your dog. These beds are ideal for older dogs and those with joint problems and are perfect to use in dog crates.

The orthopaedic memory foam beds are made from 1" premium high density memory foam over 2” orthopaedic foam to provide joint support.

The foam cushion is then covered with a protective quilted case, resulting in a bed which is supportive, comfortable and long lasting for even very heavy dogs.

Memory foam:

- reacts to body heat, conforming to the body shape and relieves pressure points          -  the higher the memory foam density, the longer it will last. The foam used in our beds is the same as used in very high quality household beds and medical mattresses

- is not a ‘supportive’ material so should only ever be used in depths of 1” - 3” and over a supportive base foam. Avoid memory foam that is too deep, soft or used without a supportive base as this can be uncomfortable for your dog and may not last very long.

We have several standard sizes to choose from, click here for our size guide and care instructions (or contact us for made-to-measure enquiries)

Available in a wide range of stylish contemporary fabrics, all of which are easy to remove and machine washable;

Tartan - a wool-like fabric, the tartans are thick, soft and very warm. Very quick drying and hard wearing.


Choose the bed cover that suits your home - the memory foam beds have a durable & waterproof base fabric which is ideal for wood / tile floors, and for taking outside onto the patio or lawn.

All beds have a zip closure as standard. We have waterproof liners available to order, as well as spare covers - please see our other listings.