Natural Coconut Oil Soap 50g
Natural Coconut Oil Soap
Natural Coconut Oil Soap
Natural Coconut Oil Soap Instructions

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Natural Coconut Oil Soap 50g

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The Dog and I have created a range of natural skin and coat care products especially for dogs. We use these products on our own dogs and are delighted to share them with you - personally recommended by us!

The Award Winning Coconut Oil Soaps are made by hand here in the UK.

Lemongrass with Citronella & Spearmint - lasting minty freshness and bug-busting citronella 

Lavender with poppy seeds - lavender is known for its calming properties, soothing irritated skin, and provides natural fragance, whilst the poppy seeds help prevent the soap slipping out of your hands!

The soaps are excellent for cleaning & de-greasing coats. They are ideal for shorter coats - we use them when our dogs coat is short in summer then switch to the shampoo as it grows longer. They are also the best product we have found for lasting fragrance & especially good when your dogs rolls in something unpleasant!

Avoid harsh chemicals - suitable for sensitive skin 

(NOTE: please do not use on cats)