Rustic Wood Dog Feeding Station
Rustic Wood Dog Feeding Station
Rustic Wood Dog Feeding Station

Designed for Dogs

Raised Rustic Wood Dog Feeding Station

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Rustic-style solid wood feeding stations are ideal for keeping dog bowls off the floor - no more knocking bowls over or dogs scooting bowls around while they eat! It is also beneficial for dogs to eat without having to lower or raise their neck, particularly for dogs suffering from arthritis.

Measuring 50 cm x 30 cm we have 3 height options in stock:

Standard - 28 cm high

Small - 22 cm high

Extra Small - 15 cm high

2 x metal dog bowls are included with the feeder.

Personalisation & Bespoke requests

The feeders can be personalised free of charge - please add the text you would like as a note at checkout. They can also made to any size so please contact us with your requirements.

Tip: the top of a dog food bowl should sit level with the dogs' lower chest.

Note: It is recommended that dog breeds who carry a high risk of bloat shoult not use a raised feeder.